Back to the Future
Location: China Grill - Mandalay Bay Hotel
Date: Thursday September 1, 2011
Doors Open: 10:30PM
Dress Code: No Athletic Attire

Rep Yo City (Day Party)

Location: Blue Martini Lounge -Town Square Shopping Center
Date: Friday September 2, 2011
Doors Open: 12PM - 4PM "Get There Early"
Dress Code: Show up and show out! Wear your favorite sports jersey,
or customized attire that represents your area, city, state or team.
Have some good food, a few drinks & laughs, or come ready to party with several DJ's in the mix ready to serve you!

Stogies & Stilettos - A Red Carpet Affair

Location: Mix Lounge inside TheHotel @ Mandalay Bay
Date: Friday September 2, 2011
Doors Open: 10:30PM
Dress Code: Suits, Sports Coats, Heels & Dresses...Absolutely No Jeans!
Ladies Red Carpet Sexy, Dresses and Stilettos is the preferred attire.
Gentlemen Suits, Blazers, Button-down Shirts w/ Ties and Slacks


Crème de la Crème - The All Cream Penthouse Party
Location: Mix inside TheHotel @ Mandalay Bay
Date: Saturday September 3, 2011
Doors Open: 10:30PM
Dress Code: ALL CREAM Upscale Attire, No Shorts or Athletic Attire!
This is the event of the year and will command a very select group of people.
Come ready to Party, Mingle and Network in your ALL CREAM ATTIRE.

Sundown on Sunday
Location: Exclusive Sexy Pool Location
Date: Sunday September 4, 2011
Doors Open: 5:30PM
Dress Code: Sexy Pool Attire, Swim Wear a Must for pool. Come party with us as the Sun goes down on Sunday!
You can dance; swim & splash with us in what will be the best pool party of the summer!!

DRESS CODE: We have the right to refuse any person(s) entrance to any or all events at our discretion. We will only refuse entrance to those that do not follow all rules and regulation that are set forth in the description of the events on this website and/or other promotional material licensed by The Heads of State Lifestyle and Entertainment. This includes the Dress Code and other conduct that we expect for those that attend this event to follow at all times. The terms of conduct are set forth to ensure the quality and also the integrity of all our productions. Prohibited entrance to any event(s) due to improper Dress Code is not grounds for a refund. All sales are final and at our leisure to administer if policies are not met. We reserve the right to alter or cancel events and or venues at anytime without prior notice.




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