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Oct. 19th – BPN Los Angeles October Networking Mixer

Join us at The Gathering Spot LA for our October Networking Mixer. Come out and meet other business owners and career professionals of LA.

The Gathering Spot LA

5211 West Adams Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90016

Thursday, October 19 · 7pm \ Click here to RSVP

Build Your Connections

#BPNMixers unite Black professionals dedicated to securing their goals and shaping their legacies.

Networking plays a significant role in legacy building for several reasons:

Access to Resources and Opportunities: Networking connects you with a diverse range of individuals who can provide access to valuable resources, opportunities, and platforms. Whether it’s securing funding for a charitable project, gaining exposure for your cause, or finding partners to support your legacy-building efforts, your network can be a vital source of assistance.

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Amplifying Impact: Legacy building often involves making a positive and lasting impact on your community, industry, or society as a whole. Networking enables you to collaborate with like-minded individuals, organizations, and influencers who can amplify your efforts. By joining forces with others, you can pool resources, expertise, and reach to create a more significant and enduring legacy.

Knowledge and Learning: Networking exposes you to new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. Engaging with a diverse group of people allows you to learn from their successes and failures, gain fresh insights, and stay updated on evolving trends and strategies. This knowledge can inform and enhance your legacy-building initiatives, ensuring they remain relevant and effective over time.

Join us and connect among your fellow legacy builders of Los Angeles!

About Black Professionals Network

Black Professionals Network (BPN) was created to foster an ecosystem of legacy builders. Our goal is to connect 1 million black professionals together and leverage social capital to ensure our members are 1 introduction away from opportunities.

Launching in Los Angeles, helps us fulfill that vision and assist our professionals to be connected with like-minded individuals on a journey to create generational impact. We are on a mission to advance careers, power up businesses, and build up social capital for our members guiding them along their legacy-building goals.

Become a member and navigate your goals with a community of fellow high-performing professionals, and achieve your legacy dreams faster and with a #BPNTEAM supporting you along the way.

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Become a BPN Member

Set yourself apart and be recognized as a BPN Member! Get a trusted network of peers working together to accomplish life’s many goals and challenges. Unlock the benefits of membership. Speak to a BPN Team Member about your goals and how membership can provide you value. Visit to learn more.

We’re in this together! #TEAM (Together Each Achieves More)

About a BPN Mixer

Whether this is your first mixer or 10th, the goal is to connect with like-minded professionals. Professionals attend to further their goals and make valuable connections. Grab your name tag and select a star or several that fits your profile type and get to networking. If you are a member, you’ll have team members facilitate personal introductions related to your goals.




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