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US Launch Of Amandla Wines Celebrates The Strength Of Women Everywhere

Amandla Wines Launch in the US brings to the forefront a Brand That is Black, Female, and Ready to Change the Game 

 Amandla, a wine brand created by Adama Wines, a majority owned and 100% black female-run business, makes its debut in the US today to celebrate the vibrancy of black culture and the collective stories of the incredible women behind it.


Amandla, meaning POWER, in the South African language of IsiXhosa stands for the courage and resilience within women. It is an homage to FREEDOM and the exciting opportunities that the FUTURE holds. Amandla is not just about wine; it’s about a movement that embodies the spirit of South Africa and the remarkable women who steer its path.


Amandla wines are sourced from the stunning vineyards of the Western Cape, where the grapes are hand-picked and blended by Praisy Dlamini, one of the brightest stars and a rarity in the wine industry. Praisy began her studies in agriculture, followed by three years in the Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé program. After creating a handcrafted Cabernet as part of the course, she later embarked on her career to become one of the most talented winemakers in South Africa. Varietals within the line include:

  • OUR POWER Shiraz Zinfandel: This dynamic blend is the epitome of rich and juicy flavors with the prominent notes of ripe plums and blackberries. The subtle hints of spice provide a delicious contrast to the fruit-forward flavors, creating a well-balanced and memorable taste.
  • OUR FUTURE White Sauvignon Blanc: This remarkable Sauvignon Blanc offers a delightful experience of crispness and zest, while delivering invigorating fruit flavors of passion fruit, pineapple, and tangy lemons.

As the label commemorates, “drink this wine with your best friends, or use it as an excuse to make new ones!” Amandla embraces all within its growing community where wine serves as a bridge to connection, understanding, and progress.

“At the heart of Amandla is a mission to engage, inspire and excite the next generation of wine enthusiasts and to nurture future generations of black female business owners,” says Managing Director and winemaker, Praisy Dlamini. “There is something we can call our own in a traditionally white male-dominated environment. We are changing the game!”

Amandla welcomes wine enthusiasts to be part of a movement that celebrates African culture, the strengthening of women, and the promise of a brighter future, one bottle at a time. Amandla is now available through WSJ Wine by the Wall Street Journal at It retails for $19.99 per bottle. All orders will be accepted and fulfilled by a licensed retailer in each delivery state.

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For more information and to keep up with brand news, follow Amandla on Instagram.

About Adama Wines
Adama Wines (formerly HER Wine Collection) was launched in 2018, quickly establishing itself as a major player in the local South African market. The company is proud to have the largest vine nursery in Africa, Bosman Adama as a shareholder, providing valuable mentorship and ongoing support.

Adama Wines has a cellar and vineyards in Worcester, in addition to vineyards in Porterville, Wellington, and Villiersdorp, as well as strategic partnerships with growers in other areas.




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