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LaTanya Hines, MD – OB/GYN

Kaiser Permanente physician

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. And at heart, I‘m a UCLA Bruin and UC Irvine College of Medicine Anteater. I decided to become a physician at the age of 8 after my mother had a stroke. I vowed that as an advocate for her and all women, I would always do my very best to heal and support the women I treat. Easily, my greatest achievements are my marriage of nearly 20 years and my two beautiful children. Each day I’m grateful to be in their presence. Truly, I enjoy waking up each day to new possibilities. For fun, I run with my dog, and travel as much as I can.

As a former private practitioner and business owner, I believe in women as the foundation for a healthy society. We cannot be healthy as a country without healthy, vibrant women. I seek to encourage through example and practice a lifestyle that leads to healthy outcomes. I strongly believe that medicine does not have all the answers—physicians and members must be partners in health care. Together we heal.




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