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BlackNLA Connect – The Metaphor Club Believes Black Space is Positive and Intentional

The Metaphor Club
Write. Create. Relax
Creative Lounge
4333 Crenshaw Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90008

After visiting Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books in Philadelphia, Lawrence Ross had an idea. Why not create space in Los Angeles with the same vibe and added perks?  As a writer himself, he understood some of the challenges black creatives face when looking for space that accommodated their specific needs.  Ross went home and shared his vision with his friends and the rest, as they say, is history.

Located on Crenshaw Boulevard, The Metaphor Club was co-founded by these four friends who each lived within a five-minute walk from the building. This location choice was not random by any means, it was right in the middle of the community where they grew up. Converting an old restaurant building, it was a clear statement that black culture was and would always be a part of the area’s heritage. The renovations took five months to complete and the finished project was exactly what the team envisioned.

Warm tones, comfortable furnishings, bold art pieces, The Metaphor Club invites you to come in and stay. There is no mistaking the intentionality behind the aesthetic that is there.  Most co-working spaces come with coffee and quiet. The Metaphor club is starkly opposite. A sexy pairing of a social club and co-working space, members collaborate, learn, and vibe together.

With open spaces and both group and singular seating, members are encouraged to engage with each other. The lack of walls and defined rooms help to foster that feeling of community and oneness. Black creators from all genres utilize the space and find it a great way to make connections and to gain inspiration. Creative Co-Working Space, Meta Reads, Monthly Table Reads, Event Space/Meeting Rooms, and Podcast Space leaves little to be desired in this hub.

Ross and his cohorts have successfully connected young creators on the come up with their more established counterparts, providing the opportunity for growth as well as give back. Facilitating workshops, meet and greet sessions, community lunches, and mentorship programs, It’s these nuances that make the space unique.

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This place is a  birthing center, a place of empowerment, and inspiration. Music playing in the background, a steady hum of conversation, and an air of ease and relaxation is the perfect atmosphere for great things to manifest. With amazing traditions like the Dope Moment Chair, your milestones are celebrated, in a “ceremony” that exudes blackness.

The Metaphor club meets and exceeds the expectations of its clientele and while some might say it’s a bit arrogant to have a space that’s “for blacks only”, these bold black men have no qualms declaring that this space is just that. They own their history and their culture. Lawrence Ross, Jimar Wilson, Lawrence Gilliam, and Gerald Rawles, felt it was of great importance to curate a sacred space for other black creatives to bring their ideas to life and they did exactly that when they created the Metaphor club.  

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